A home of one’s own, either rented or owned, is the cornerstone of independence for any individual. Many people with disabilities face tremendous difficulties in getting and keeping adequate housing. They face obstacles like discrimination, inaccessible construction and unaffordable housing. There are many government supports for home ownership and rental housing to help you find a desired living arrangement.

Housing will probably be your largest monthly expenditure. Prior to living independently, one should develop a monthly budget that calculates income and expenses for housing, utilities, transportation, et cetera.

Many group homes and supported living programs are for adults ages 18 and up but often they have waiting lists. It is wise, during the transition years, to begin looking into such places and filling out paperwork to plan for eligibility.

“Who is rich? He/she who rejoices in his/her portion.”

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers

Local Resources

For people with disabilities, it can be difficult to find available and affordable housing in Broward County. Here are a few options that are available in Palm Beach County:

The Jewish Association for Residential Care (JARC)
A nonprofit, non-sectarian organization that currently operates 10 group homes for adults with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness. JARC’s other services include an adult day training program, supported employment and a supported living apartment program.

Levine Jewish Residential and Family Service
Offers a supported independent living program catering to adults, ages 21 and over, who require some level of supervision but are able to live in their own apartment. They provide specialized programming, transportation, medication management and employment opportunities for residents.

Exceptional Designs
If you are an adult with a disability and need modifications to your home so that you can live more independently, please contact Exceptional Designs. They specialize in customized home modifications for people with developmental and/or physical disabilities.

Florida Group Homes 
An online resource with listings of group homes and assisted living facilities for people with disabilities.

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council
Publishes an online Housing Resource Guide that identifies and explains the housing resources available in each of Florida’s communities so that people with developmental disabilities will be better able to access the housing they desire.

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