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A caretaker directed seminar discussing what is mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness for neurodiverse individuals, what is sound healing, magic of breathwork, sound meditation, benefits of sound healing for neurodiverse individuals, what is breathwork, benefits of breathwork for neurodiverse individuals, conscious breathing exercises, crystals and what they are used for, Mandala coloring, mirroring exercise, binaural beats, labyrinth tracing, chakra balancing (chakra, color, chant, element, crystal, mudra, oil, yoga pose).

This seminar will be taught by Morgan Schultz. Morgan is an intuitive healer and channeler. She creates a sacred space for others to surrender and connect back to their heart space. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Master Crystal Healer, Sound Healer and a Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator. Through her sessions, Morgan connects to the clients and provides them deep healing while channeling any messages they need to hear from source, their angels, guides and higher self. She feels extremely fortunate being able to hold such a sacred space for others while living her life purpose.